Character Art | D2: Barbarian | Torch

Making Of / 19 September 2023

As I have renewed the character work on my Diablo II Barbarian, I wanted to create a torch for him. These are parts 01, 02 and 03. 

In the first video I go over:
- modelling part
- blockout

I will eventually not only create a real time/ rendered version but also prep this guy for 3d printing so the flame had to be sculpted. 

In this part of the series I go over:
- cloth wrikle sculpting
- adjusting everything as well as 
- sculpting the flame

Finally in this video I go over the detailing and the surfacing of the torch. I show how I:
- approach the detailing of the cloth
- applying the texture( using tileable alphas) 

I will also show how to:
- make a custom alpha tileable 
- approach the detailing of the wooden handle 
- approach the detailing of the rope 

All in real time. More to come!