Character Art | D2:Barbarian - Boots

Making Of / 02 November 2023

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Showed a bit more character work and more specifically - surfacing/ detailing stage on these boots from my ongoing DiabloII:Barbarian project. 

You can watch the entire video there and all other parts being crafted here:
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Next stop belt, skulls and ropes creation. 

Character Art | D2:Barbarian - Accessories

Making Of / 04 October 2023

More character art and "The Making Of" from this D2:Barbarian. Worked on his other hand and gave him a few more accessories. Next will be moving onto somethingbigger - chest straps and shoulder armour. 
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Character Art | D2: Barbarian | Bracers

Making Of / 27 September 2023

Continuing with the character work. Tighten up the bracer, scaled up the rings, did a surfacing pass on the leather and added wear&tear. All UVd and nearly ready for texturing(can not wait..). Minor tweaks ahead such as detail on the stitching and few minor intersections. Will get this done and move onto the next part.

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Character Art | D2: Barbarian | Wraps

Making Of / 27 September 2023

Character Art | D2: Barbarian | Hands - Topology update

Making Of / 25 September 2023

While working on this barbarian, I went over the TOPOLOGY of the hand.

You can see lots of video PREVIEWS(only 30secs. due to limitation from patreon) of the videos and the content that I put there.

Big thanks to Ian for always helping with the painful tasks( and not only!)

Character Art | D2: Barbarian | Torch

Making Of / 19 September 2023

As I have renewed the character work on my Diablo II Barbarian, I wanted to create a torch for him. These are parts 01, 02 and 03. 

In the first video I go over:
- modelling part
- blockout

I will eventually not only create a real time/ rendered version but also prep this guy for 3d printing so the flame had to be sculpted. 

In this part of the series I go over:
- cloth wrikle sculpting
- adjusting everything as well as 
- sculpting the flame

Finally in this video I go over the detailing and the surfacing of the torch. I show how I:
- approach the detailing of the cloth
- applying the texture( using tileable alphas) 

I will also show how to:
- make a custom alpha tileable 
- approach the detailing of the wooden handle 
- approach the detailing of the rope 

All in real time. More to come!

Tiger polish

Making Of / 01 September 2023

Polishing the little guy before stepping up. Photoshoot nearing..

Anatomy practice pt.01

Making Of / 02 July 2019

Here is a video Part 01 of my forward history from the other day. Will turn this into a less generic body and will eventually serve the purpose he was intended for. The idea was to record the entire process so stay tuned for part 02 etc. Atm only blocking the generic body and later on will deviate more into a character design. Stay tuned for Part 02. Cheers!