Decorative Frame Blockout - Patreon Sample -

General / 15 December 2022

Here's a sample from this little tutorial of this decorative frame that I did for my patreons. I wanted to say Thank you for following and learning. I really appreciate it.

Full video can be seen on my patreon page. This is only part 01 as you can clearly see this is just a frame. 

Boots breakdown timelapse

General / 26 October 2020

Sharing a fun little timelapse video from my barbarian piece that I'm working on. Just a little teaser for now

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Shepard - work in progress

General / 08 January 2020

Working on something. There is no symmetry or reference here. 

Afro girl Timelapse

General / 06 July 2019

I really don't like IG's limitation from r the videos we can post. This is a speed up video captured on my iPad. This is not the entire process, but only the beginning of it. Did this entirely on the way while comuting. I'm trying to stay as productive as possible and minimize the loss of time. I have always been inspired by oval shapes and the rythm they have. Seeing lots of people on the tube here in London and always feel like I want to capture this or that one. Will probably give a whole different hair, cloth and render with a more artistic lighting.

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General / 25 June 2019

Moving forward on the head cloth. Quick sculpt for the wrinkles, UVs and then straight into testing the desired look for the surface texture. Still trying to figure out the best way to do it. 

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Before After/ wip

General / 20 June 2019

A little before and after video. Always satisfying to see the progression of a work. No HD details here just what the "low res" mesh can preserve just before you enter HD geometry in Zbrush. I am planning to push the sculpt further and refine a bit more before posing and adding the expression I want for this guy. It is funny because the first stage you see here is only a month or two ago when I thought it was the "after" stage after revisiting this never ending work from few years ago. Doesn't really matter as far as I am progressing and feeling that the same thing is beneficial and I'm learning from it.

Albedo map( handpainted) in progress

General / 19 June 2019

Working on the albedo map in the last couple of days. It's progressing slowly, but surely and that's the importance of it. Doing this mainly in lunch breaks and early morning before work. Everything here is hand painted using polypaint in ZBrush. No alphas beside the default ones. No color picking from reference. Doing this mainly for an exercise and practice my texturing/ colour skills. Still a lot of work ahead. Cheers!


Grooming part01

General / 17 June 2019

Spend most of the weekend following the steps I've learned in Kris Costa's amazing class. This is my first collision with #xgen and #arnold so bear with me. Looks bad atm, but better than what I had( like no moustache at all). Hopefully it will get there where I want it to be. I'm also rendering with a prehistoric computer, so not really able to utilize the arnold preview render. Anyway. Progress is progress, no matter how slow it is. If you're interested in seeing this progressing, follow my IG account for more regular updates etc.

Detailing - neck area

General / 08 June 2019

Moved on the neck area today. Always found that challenging especially when it comes down to fine wrinkles and volumes. The rhythm of all those criss cross ones is an amazing one, but very tricky to interpret without overdoing it. Seen so many amazing models, but then in certain areas like the neck, hands, feet it all collapses. Lots more to do, but I'm happy with the direction this is going. You can easily cover everything with wrinkles, but the rhythm here is everything. The subtle forms that are layered on top of the main volumes and hopefully the anatomy you have underneath.