Patina and finishing process

Work In Progress / 21 October 2022

Few quick pictures from the patina process for this sculpture. Loved the finishing. Now onto polish and searching for a nice stand. 

Assembly DONE, patina next

Work In Progress / 18 October 2022
Assembly was successful and moving onto the next phase which I love experimenting with. Always fantastic to see your piece with a patina and proper finish.

 Here are a few images from the studio. :)


Assembly needed

Work In Progress / 10 October 2022

Bronze casting moves forward. Another step in the right direction. Assembling next. Polish and refinement ahead.  

Bronze cast. Foundry visit

Work In Progress / 06 October 2022

Foundry visit today. Bronze casting process has begun. Wax model in the making. 

Packaging/ shipment to foundry

Work In Progress / 03 July 2021

Shipping this guy to the foundry. Gotta take care proper care of this pup. 

Lighting rig - set up

Work In Progress / 20 June 2021

Testing my lighting rig set up

Got my new lighting rig set up in the studio so took a few pictures. Quite nice and very easy to set up. 

Boots breakdown timelapse

General / 26 October 2020

Sharing a fun little timelapse video from my barbarian piece that I'm working on. Just a little teaser for now

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Shepard - work in progress

General / 08 January 2020

Working on something. There is no symmetry or reference here. 

Afro girl Timelapse

General / 06 July 2019

I really don't like IG's limitation from r the videos we can post. This is a speed up video captured on my iPad. This is not the entire process, but only the beginning of it. Did this entirely on the way while comuting. I'm trying to stay as productive as possible and minimize the loss of time. I have always been inspired by oval shapes and the rythm they have. Seeing lots of people on the tube here in London and always feel like I want to capture this or that one. Will probably give a whole different hair, cloth and render with a more artistic lighting.

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Anatomy practice pt.01

Making Of / 02 July 2019

Here is a video Part 01 of my forward history from the other day. Will turn this into a less generic body and will eventually serve the purpose he was intended for. The idea was to record the entire process so stay tuned for part 02 etc. Atm only blocking the generic body and later on will deviate more into a character design. Stay tuned for Part 02. Cheers!